Button Resin Silicone Mold

SKU: 1904
Button Resin Silicone Mold
Button Resin Silicone Mold
Button Resin Silicone Mold
Button Resin Silicone Mold

Button Resin Silicone Mold

SKU: 1904
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Assorted size of buttons silicone molds for keychain, charm, ring, bracelet, hairclip mount, earrings, studs making, DIY phone case etc. Use with a wide range of edible and non edible materials, such as resin epoxy, uv resin, concrete, plaster, candle, soap, wax, isomalt. For various of baking or crafting projects, such as jewelry making, wax accents, scrapbooking etc.
Mainly use for uv resin or resin epoxy or liquidize clay etc. If you use it wisely, you may also use it with a wide range of edible and non edible materials.
High resoluction transparent so you can check the buttom when process project
For resin epoxy casting, use a bright LED light helps to see bubbles more easily. Sometimes trapped bubbles can come up to the surface later. Be sure to check your casting more than just 1 time after pouring for any additional bubbles. And do it in section to avoid bubbles.
Use cotton swab for easy cleaning the extra ( or scissors will be required for triming the finished product ) . Release spray can help de-mold for resin projects. For clay projects after baking, you may try to remove the finished product under the running water with soap for easy release. For other food material, such as isomalt, the filled mold may try to place in freezer for a few minutes to avoid distortion when de-molding.
Food Grade warranty. Food and Non Food material should use separately. Wash and boil before use, especially for food.

More informations
Item Color_Clear [ transparent so you can check the buttom when process project ]
Wash and boil before use, especially for food.
Easy to use mould very flexible and non-toxic, and easy to clean, can be used in oven, dishwasher, refrigerator etc. Can be used within the temperature between -40~220 centigrade.
Some material ( such as clay, paste etc. ) may extend a bit when pull out of the mold.
Food Grade. Non-toxic. Food Grade and Non Food Grade material should use separately.
Molds in our shop can be used for various crafts and creations including: resin casting, candle making, soap making, plaster crafts, candy making, isomalt baking etc, please note mold cavity width within 1cm is not prefect for chocolate use. Some items in our shop are only ok for liquid use ( uv resin, resin epoxy, liquid clay, wex melt etc. ) . Such as bracelet molds, ring molds etc. Please email us before purchase if you are not sure about that.
For delicate or complicated item, please remove the product from the silicone mold very carefully, at first slightly bend mold from the edges, then easy press on the center of the mold and remove the product.


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Model number: 1904

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lorianne Moline
Very Nice

This is a nice mold! It makes several sizes, unmolds easily, and makes it possible to make buttons to match almost any item! My grand daughter makes stuffed animals from felt, and button eyes look so cute on them- so our next project is making button eyes to complement the colors of her creations.

Very Happy

Great silicone molds! Very good quality and easy to work with. The cast resin piece shines beautifully. I am very satisfied and all for a great price!

Paulette Seagrave

It was all good!

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