Silicone Molds and Resin Casting Supplies Pack 26-count

  • Paperweight resin epoxy silicone molds pack 26-count, you may use for pendant, ornament, keychain, tabletop decoration. Perfect resin starter kit while also essential kit for veteran.

    2inch ( 5.1cm ) square base pyramid
    2.6inch ( 65cm ) triangular base pyramid
    3inch ( 75mm ) cone prism
    2inch ( 48mm ) height diamond
    2.7inch ( 70mm ) sphere ( can make half sphere as well )
    2inch ( 50mm ) cube ( can make thinner square coaster )
    assorted sizes crystal rock stones 2.5-2.8inch ( 63-71mm ) 3-count
    4.5inch (11.3cm ) wooden stir sticks 10-count
    3ml plastic pipettes dropper 5-count
    user manual

    Resin casting molds set include 9 epoxy resin molds in total, 26 pieces count.

    For varied resin casting or orgonite projects, while the cone prism can make paperweight or ring holder or jewelry stand etc.

    Essential resin casting kit and resin jewelry molds. And can make with various of materials ( non-food and food ), such as soap, candle, wax, plaster, isomalt and more.

    To make sphere, we recommend that you may stick the sphere with hot glue gun to avoid leakage. Rest assure that it will be super easy to release! After release, you may trim extra rim with blade and with fine sand paper. And apply extra resin layer or polish layer for a shine finish.

    For more intricate geometrical shape, Use a bright LED light helps to see bubbles more easily. Sometimes trapped bubbles can come up to the surface later. Be sure to check your casting more than just 1 time after pouring for any additional bubbles. And do it in section to avoid bubbles.

    When you release the item out of the mold, just twist the mold and press the button of the mold, so the piece can be easily push out. If it is too tight, resin mold release spray can help. Or you may slip sth smooth ( such as film ) , so that the final product will separate with the inner part of the mold.

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