Terrarium Fairy Garden Tool Set 5 Kits - Water Sprayer|Tweezers|Wooden Spoon|Squeeze Bottle

  • Mini reusable gardent tools set_squeeze bottle 100ml, slant tweezer, straight tweezer, spoon, water sprayer 100ml.

    Succulent transplanting hand tool set for succulent plants, bonsai plants and indoor gardening plant care.


    1.Place carbonized charcoal around 1/6 of the container.

    2.Cut and layer a dried bass moss as a sheet, which should be thin.

    3.Layer organic soil and soil mix. The soil mix and be layered after organic soil as plant cover. The place you plan to plant later should be 3 times thicker then other place.

    4.Water with SQUEEZE BOTTLE and Sprayer ( provided in the reusable tool set or full set ). Water carefully, the water should not be higher then the Carbonized Charcoal layer and ensure all the soil are wet by checking with TWEEZER ( provided in the reusable tool set or full set ).

    5.Clamp the roots of the plant with tweezer carefully into container, and press soil by hands / tweezer / SPOON ( provided in the reusable tool set or full set ).

    6.Decorate with moss preserved and pebble, sands etc. which can also be found in our shop.

    7.Press moss and other aggregates with spoon.

    8.Place other decorations, such as miniatures, rivers etc. ( docorations are also found in our shop )

    9.Sprey inside the container with SPRAYER ( provided in the reusable tool set or full set ) .

    10.Close the container lid if have around 5-10 hours for plants to absorb water. Then wrap the vapor on the glass.


    Model Number:973 974 990 991 992

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